Sunday, August 5, 2007

What 'Progress' looks like in Iraq

"We no longer need television documentaries about the stone age. We are actually living in it. We are in constant danger because of the filthy water and rotten food we are having."

Ok, this article from the Guardian exposes how awful life is for Iraqis on an ever day basis in regard to the extreme lack of electricity and fuel in a country that sits on top of the world's third largest proven oil reserves. However, the author manages to pull some incredibly impressive argumentative acrobatics by pointing the finger at everyone from regional electrical officials unpluggin from the national power grid to insurgent attacks in order to avoid condemning the real perpetrators of the brutal existence that the Iraqis are forced to suffer: US and the UK!

According to Iraqi officials, "one of the biggest problems facing the national grid is the move by provinces to disconnect their power plants from the system, reducing the overall amount of electricity being generated for the entire country." What about the continued bombings and attacks by coalition forces and government funded and trained death squads? Gee wiz, if i was an Iraqi who was living on 1-2 hours of power a day (appallingly less than the average of 12-14 before the 2003 invasion) i wouldn't hesitate to get enough energy to cook for my family and cool them off in the 110 degree fahrenheit average heat.