Friday, August 3, 2007

More 'Immigration Reform' rumblings from Capitol Hill

After the defeat of the draconian, pro-business and racist anti-immigrant legistlation in Congress in June, Congress is trying to ratchet up the pressure on undocumented immigrants in a piecemeal fashion. Currently education and agricultural exceptions are being considered. Nearly 1 million high school students are in the US because of, in the words of IL Senator Dick Durbin, "The sins of their parents" for which they shouldn't be blamed. In other words, promising students that they can stay if they attend college or join the military, but that their parents are criminals who will continue to be targets for ICE raids, departation, and separation from their children.

On the other hand, after approving $3 billion more for border security, by far the largest federal law enforcement agency, due to labor shortages in the agricultural centers like California, North Carolina and Michigan, the United Farm Workers, conservative Republicans like Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho, and Senator Dianne Feinstein are spearheading the bipartison thrust to expand the guest worker program.

This remake of the bracero program, described as a system of "legalized slavery" by Lee G. Williams, the US Department of Labor official in charge of the programT, has widespread bipartisan support and as you might have noticed in the Youtube Democratic debates, was never mentioned by any candidate.