Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Clinton Campaign aide a Union buster

In order to potentially secure labor's endorsement for her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton may be forced to give the boot to her campaign aide who works for a PR Firm that has a contract with the notoriously anti-union Cintas company , which boasts about its track record of blocking immigrant and undocumented workers from unionizing.

Though Clinton has refused to comment so far, her campaign has not said that they will fire this guy, who says that he has never been anti-union. Some might say, hey if you're running a campaign, clearly you're going to have members of your team with far-flung business contacts, cut her some slack. However, in his 2000 campaign Bush made top aide Karl Rove sell his shares for a company that he had founded so that his loyalties were not divided. Apparently this is too much to ask of the Democrats who continue to prove, with this act, how much they take labor for advantage and refuse to act in its interest be it on the minimum wage, health care, or the war.