Thursday, August 9, 2007

Despite Lou's absense, Crackers still rabid.

"It's not about ethnicity; it's not about race. It's about lawful behavior versus unlawful behavior," Letiecq said ..."It's the folks who come in and try to maintain the culture of the country they came from," Letiecq said. "They don't seem to embrace the American culture, the English language, the social norms of American culture."

And I don't just mean this guy. We know that people of this ilk (the Minutemen, local legislators who are passing laws referred to in this article, Tom Tancredo, etc etc) are not uncommon and that the media tends to give them a highly disproportionate platform. However, the part that really bothers me is the tone of the author: "diversity is now spreading to the suburbs and beyond." It seems like that author is trying to politely describe a plague and to muffle his/her growing panic that 'white' America is becoming a minority. Well, AP fails. It's just as racist if it's the blatant vitriol of anti-immigrant groups or the subtle, often more sinister uses by the media that seem to acheive much more widespread acceptance.