Saturday, August 4, 2007

In Case You Thought Katrina Was an Isolate, Or: Federal Emergency Fumbles, pt. II

I doubt anyone reading this would be shocked at the claim that the Federal Government cares little for the safety of people in the country, however, the Minnesota I35W Bridge collapse is particularly interesting, because it shows that the policy on matters like damns, levies, bridges, and the like is not confined to any particular race or city.

Apparently, as long as as few people die as possible, we shouldn't be criticizing bridge designs.

50 out of 120, while failing in any college course, is passing for Tony Snow.

You need $500 million for repairs? Sorry, the government only has $250 million.

and finally:

A 10-minute helicopter ride, a quick jog on foot, and all you get from G.W. is a promise of a new bridge!

Maybe Minnesota will feel better with a new sports dome.