Saturday, August 4, 2007

Powerful Religious Fundamentalist Calls for Terrorist Attacks on Civilians

Someone told me that this has been said before, but I first noticed it yesterday. The levels of scaremongering and barbarism to which the American right is willing to sink in order to win votes (a strategy which doesn't seem to be succeeding, it should be noted). I'm just wondering if there is a definition of terrorism anywhere that wouldn't clearly define what Tancredo is proposing as a terrorist act. I certainly can't think of one.

What I think is even more interesting, however, is the implications this could have in light of the, shall we say, flexible theory of sovereignty being advocated by the American ruling class lately (see here and here). If it's perfectly acceptable for Americans to declare their intent to utterly disregard the sovereignty of a foreign nation like Pakistan (a key ally, no less) because they claim that a threat lies within its borders, I fail to see how the reverse wouldn't be true. My only question is when the liberators are going to arrive. Until then, I shall hold my flowers and candies at the ready.