Friday, August 24, 2007

The Weekly Dave

It's quite funny how, even though I was a bit worried because I was quite busy this week, it was still incredibly easy to find a winner for the Weekly Dave. This week's winner is Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin. His deed worthy of such high honor? Suggesting that the City of Atlanta have a no-baggy-pants dress code.

You can't make this kind of racism up. Martin was quoted as saying:

It will be like all the discussions we've had around the value of the hip-hop culture. We know there are First Amendment issues ... and some will say I'm just trying to put young black men in jail, but it's going to be fines.
News flash, bud: if the way you frame the debate is, "is hip-hop culture valuable [emphasis mine -MT]?" then you're a racist. Go have another drink at Brothers or Johnny-O's, C.T., and then save us all the trouble, and consider getting out of politics.