Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blackface is not satire

Alright. I need to start the discussion about this crap movie now. I'm sure everyone has heard of the new Ben Stiller/Jack Black/Robert Downey Jr comedy 'Tropic Thunder' that's coming out in the near future where RDJ plays an actor who takes a blackface role. This is not satire. Everyone who thinks otherwise needs to see Spike Lee's Bamboozled, stat. I imagine that the controversy on the Left over this movie will be quite loud. I'm guessing that Stiller will be held up as a brilliant satirist - which he firmly believes. Fpr example:

"It's such a touchy area, " he said. "It had to be clear: What we are satirizing is the character and his loss of identity. So we have a black actor there" -- Brandon T. Jackson, who plays the braggadocios rapper-actor Alpa Chino in -- "calling [Lazarus] on every moment to be perfectly clear about our point of view. We never wanted it to be OK."
Let's see if Spike Lee anticipated this kind of tried and true bullshit excuse, shall we?

This sambo crap needs to be called out for what it is: straight up racism.

Here's a montage of blackface in US history from the end of Bamboozled and more fuel for why Chuck D had it right about Hollywood: