Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bush Further Bastardizes the English Language

All is well, folks. The establishment of Africom and the attempt to further project US power over Africa won't result in any new US military bases on the continent. Just "offices." This will undoubtedly be a great comfort to those killed by the new "office workers" who will be moving in. I'm reminded of Phil Ochs' great song "Talking Vietnam Blues," where he comments on the presence of US "trainers" in Vietnam:

Well the sergeant said its time to train
So I climbed aboard my helicopter plane.
We flew above the battle ground
A sniper tried to shoot us down.
He must have forgotten, were only trainees.
Them commies never fight fair.
Friends the very next day we trained some more
We burned some villages down to the floor.
Yes we burned out the jungles far and wide,
Made sure those red apes had no place left to hide.

Check out Horace Campbell at Pambazuka for the real scoop on Africom.