Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iraqis Typically Ungrateful for the Surge

Those miserable ingrates. Don't they realize the freedom they now enjoy was bought with the blood of American soldiers? Don't they understand that if a year ago we had, instead of following President Bush's courageous plan to retake the country, listened to what a majority of Iraqis had said and left the country, it would be today, in the words of John McCain and Joe Lieberman writing in the Wall Street Journal, "a country in chaos...a failed state in the heart of the Middle East?"

After all our sacrifice, listen to what the despicable little bastards have to say about life in their liberated country:

“Is it good that we still cannot go to Baghdad to sell our crops and buy seeds and other necessary things for our farms,” said young Jassim from Fallujah. “Is it good that we only plant ten percent of our land because there is not enough electricity and fuel to run our pumps?”

“If the U.S. generals mean they will hand over security to Iraqis and leave the province, then I will salute them all,” retired Iraqi army colonel Salman Ahmed told IPS in Fallujah. “But I know it is just another comedy like that played elsewhere in Iraq, where Iraqis (officials) are just ropes for American dirty laundry. We want our country back for real, not just on paper.”

“If security is so good then let them end the tragedy of our city,” a member of the Fallujah City Council, speaking on condition of anonymity told IPS. “We want our freedom back and we want to leave and enter our city without this humiliation by soldiers and policemen. Fallujah is dying, and our masters (Americans) are bragging about security and prosperity.”

“Let them (Americans) take everything and bring me my son back,” she said. “He stayed to guard the house in the November 2004 siege and the Americans captured him. Now he is missing. Some people who were released told us he was with them in the airport prison.”