Monday, October 1, 2007

Development Arrested

So according to the US Criminal Justice System, "defraud[ing] the oil-for-food program by making illegal payments to the Hussein regime, ...trad[ing] the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people for the satisfaction of his own greed and the greed of the former government of Iraq” = ('conspiracy to commit wire fraud' to Saddam Huessein to get lucrative oil contracts in legalese) = 18-24 months in prison.

Growing and possessing marijuana = 75 years for the former, 75 more for the latter (which upon appeal was reduced to a paltry 90 years).

The reason for the light sentence: the guy is an 'octogenarian.' Well, according to my math, James Geddes, the victim of the latter 'mandatory minimum' sentence will be well past 100 when he's done with his time.