Saturday, July 11, 2009

Picks of the week

A new feature?

Michael Schwartz on the Obama occupation of Iraq:

As a result, the crucial thing you can say about the Obama administration's military and civilian planning so far is this: ignore the headlines, the fireworks, and the briefly cheering crowds of Iraqis on your TV screen. Put all that talk of withdrawal aside for a moment and -- if you take a closer look, letting your eyes adjust to the darkness -- what is vaguely visible is the silhouette of a new American posture in Iraq.
Bob Herbert on McNamara.

"The Tragedy of the Left's Discourse on Iran":
The most bizarre case is the on-line journal MRZine, the offshoot of Monthly Review, which in some instances even publicized the propaganda of the Basij (Islamic militia) hooligans and criminals. The website has given ample room to pro-Islamist contributors; while they can hardly be considered to be on the left, their words are appreciated by the leftists editing the site.
Ali Abunimah on Hamas (see also: Haidar Eid in Socialist Worker)

Forget Shorter Showers: Why personal change does not equal political change:
People (both human people and fish people) aren’t dying because the world is running out of water. They’re dying because the water is being stolen.
David Whitehouse on the new challenges to the Chinese ruling class