Saturday, February 21, 2009

We need more Take Back NYUs

Who will defend the right to affordable education during this recession? Anyone who thinks Obama will would benefit from reading Paul Krugman's column from yesterday's NYT. Krugman explains that while Obama is trying to soften some of the rougher edges, he is mostly going to let the recession end the old-fashioned way: letting the working class sink into destitution

To be sure, the Obama administration is taking action to help the economy, but it’s trying to mitigate the slump, not end it. The stimulus bill, on the administration’s own estimates, will limit the rise in unemployment but fall far short of restoring full employment... given time, the current slump will end itself, the way slumps did in the 19th century. As I said, this may be your great-great-grandfather’s recession. But recovery may be a long time coming.
For the ruling class, the way out of the recession is to restore profitability by forcing concessions from the workers. A higher unemployment rate is extremely helpful in doing this. The corollary of this is lower tax revenues, slashes to state budgets, and more students who are unable to afford a college education.

We need two, three, many TBNYUs. Keep the solidarity coming.

E-mail and call NYU officials and call for the student occupiers to be given amnesty and not suspended. Call President John Sexton at 212-998-2345 or e-mail him at Email the Office of the Provost at and the Office of the Vice President at