Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BONO WATCH: This isn't exactly a review...

... because there's no way I'm spending good money on one of their shitty albums, but I just noticed this.
"Get Your Boots On" lyrics:

someones left to blow it up
the wear weeds are growing up
women are the future whole of big revelations
i’ve gotta a submarine you’ve got gasoline
i don’t wanna talk about war between nations
That last line, "I don't wanna talk about war between nations" is repeated several times.

Is this real?

Anyone whose followed the career of "political activist" Bono has noticed his craven failure to challenge his allies Bush and Blair on the war in Iraq. Even his own bandmate has called him out on it. So what the hell is he yammering about in this song?

My guess is there is no intentional connection, and Bono has unwittingly written a brilliant tribute to his own weak-kneed liberalism.