Thursday, November 6, 2008

The sequel is always worse than the original

Interestingly, "change" looks a lot like the Clinton administration II. This morning it became official that Rahm Emmanuel, Democratic Leadership Council hack and uber-Zionist, will be Barack's chief of staff.

In an article titled "Obama Aides Tamp Down Expectations" the NYT draws a direct comparison to the Clinton years

As Election Day approached in 1992, it was apparent from the crowds that Mr. Clinton drew, in their size and their faces, that his supporters expected big things after a campaign in which Mr. Clinton had promised a dramatic revamping in health care coverage and programs for the poor. At the time, a senior adviser who was traveling with him, Paul Begala, warned Mr. Clinton to add some caveats to his speeches, to avoid voter letdown should it take time to accomplish things as president.
“I remember talking about this to him in the closing days of the campaign,” Mr. Begala said. “And he started saying, ‘We didn’t get into this overnight and we’re not going to get out of it overnight.’ ”
“So I remember him talking about it and doing it — and it didn’t have any effect on the citizens,” Mr. Begala said. That was one reason, he said, that Democrats lost control of Congress two years later.
Meanwhile, Pelosi and other are crowing about how Barack has to "reach across the aisle" and "govern from the center." World Socialist Website makes a great point
One only has to contrast this with Bush's insistence that he had a mandate for his right-wing agenda despite losing the popular vote in 2000 and failing to win a majority in 2004.
While some are beginning to lower their expectations so as not to get demoralized, I have a feeling this patience will wear thin quickly. Moreover, Harlem didn't do this for the self-described "first black president" back in '92.
Progressives and socialists should keep this point in mind
THE FIRST thing to say is that there should be no honeymoon. The Democrats have held a majority in the House and Senate for two years, yet have continued to fund the occupation of Iraq, to allow warrantless wiretaps, to expand the military budget. But the Democrats can no longer use the excuse of Bush and the need to win the White House to continue to defy the widespread desire for change. That means we need to challenge Obama from the first day he takes office, with public protest and mobilization.